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10 febrero 2012

Bueno esta no es de mi autoría pero me ha servido para escribir muchas cosas:

Huddled in the corner Disillusioned My lifeless stare is fixed On your silhouettes
You're disregarding me
Passing me by Like I'm not even here Maybe I'm not Maybe I'm somewhere else I used to be one of you With the same spark in my eyes And now I don't belong to this place It's a matter of merciless time I wholly vanish The candle guttered out The beauty elapsed Could've been so wonderful *** One day we could've met And believed We might live that way Far away from the din Envious looks And chase for the prize
We would have remained ourselves
Without killing our feelings Slowly Day by day One day we could've won Without taking away Someone else's pride We would have become strong Walking through our life side by side We could've missed another day Not knowing how to talk Where to go We could've missed another night Only... For what? The dream went away And you came With your dark hair loose Ruthless cold reality Oh, how I hate your truth Don't turn your back this time Just look at my eyes! I won't break down... I'm going to fight


(Riverside dixit)

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